Bill Gates – Creates a Big Empire through His Foundation

In this competitive market, every one knows that Bill Gates was born on Oct 28, 1955. He is an American business tycoon, author, and philanthropist as well as the chairperson of Microsoft Company that is well-known for valuable software. He has been established the Microsoft with Paul Allen. He is frequently counted among the World’s wealthiest people. In his career at Microsoft, Bill Gates has kept the position of CEO that means Chief Software Architect and he kept largest shareholder with more than eight percent of the common stock. You can avail numbers of books that are written by him.

Bill Gates is one the most well-known entrepreneur for computer revolution. In his career, Gates has followed numbers of philanthropic endeavors. He is also donating huge amount of money to different charitable organizations as well as scientific research programs by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that has been established in 2000.

Gates stepped down chief executive officer of the Microsoft at Jan 2000. He stayed as chairman as well as made position of the chief software architect. At June 2006, the Gates announced he will get transitioning from the full time work in Microsoft to part time work, as well as full time work at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gradually, he transferred the duties to Ozzie, chief software architect, as well as Craig Mundie, the chief research officer. Gates’ full time day in Microsoft was at June 27, 2008. He stays at Microsoft as the non-executive chairman. Bill didn’t have the definite study plan whereas student in Harvard and spent lots of time by using school’s computers. He stayed in contact with the Paul Allen, and joining him at the Honeywell during summer of 1974. Following year saw release of MITS Altair 8800 that is based on Intel 8080 CPU, Allen and Gates saw as an opportunity to begin the own computer company.

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