What are Icons? – Helps You for Faster Interface

Icons are integrated into different graphical users interface. These are small images of quality resolution that perfectly represent the actions, objects, and other sorts of concepts. Also, the icons are mentioned as a graphical user interfaces. These are quicker solution to make a faster interface with computer programs. Icons are portraying by common elements, so that users can get faster interface with the programs. These icons are considered as the faster way to interface a program.

These icons are originally introduced in 1970 by the Xerox Research Center, Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows System. By using the icons, users can get unexpected advantages such as quicker learning and faster accessing of program. The icons are used to supplement or replace the text messages. The icons are commonly evolved for using in menus, toolbars, and buttons. You can avail assortment shape and sizes of icons. So, you can easily use the required size of icons in your programs. There are many file formats to store the icons. Windows systems make use of Windows icons in platform dependent format. The Mac OS computers store the Mac icons in the specific formats, whereas Unix based systems use the PNG icons for applications. Like, icon editing program is normally accessible for Windows and Mac platforms, whereas Unix users will design the PNG icons with graphic editor.

As rule of thumb, the icons are the square pictograms, which come in many standard color and sizes resolutions. Most of the platforms support the icon sizes of 16 * 16 – 128 * 128 pixels, whereas a few platforms willingly accept the icon images as big as 512 * 512 pixels. Big 512 * 512 pixel were used first in the Mac OS Leopard. The pixel resolutions of different icons are the platform dependent.

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