Toolbar – Applied as a Web Browser

In a graphical user interface a tool bar is a GUI widget through which onscreen buttons, menus and other input or output elements are placed. Toolbars are used in office suites, web browsers and graphic editors. Toolbars are normally eminent from palettes by their integration on larger windows. Toolbars applied as web browser and become a popular vulnerability for spyware and malware creators. Browser toolbars are generally bundled with installers without the user’s open consent. These toolbars are providing additional search fields for malware detection. In most of the cases toolbars primary purpose is to collect unidentified marketing statistics. Toolbar can also decrease computer performance or create other problems if plug-ins to the web browser application. Website toolbar can be found on many modern websites such as Facebook and MySpace. A website toolbar is quickly perform many common site functions including sharing articles of content and searching through the home website. The bookmarks toolbar and favorites toolbar features in many modern browsers, which includes Safari, Firefox, as well as Chrome also serves as the means of presenting the user’s favorite Web bookmarks.

The folders of the bookmarks ( in case of the Firefox, bookmarks of the web feeds) are all represented in the bookmark toolbar like drop down lists that display titles and (in case, the website was cached and visited) favicons of the bookmarked websites.

Website toolbar

The website toolbar is feature that is found on a lot of modern sites, that includes MySpace and Facebook. The web site toolbar serves as the means of presenting the visitors to website with the means of fast performing a lot of common website functions like sharing articles of the content on social network, looking through home site and presenting features that further improve community-aspects to the website like live chat features.

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