Mac OS Snow Leopard Versus Windows 7 Icons – Both have Different Features

Both the MAC operating system and Windows 7 icons are running neck to neck when it comes to beauty and form. If you compare both the Mac OS and Windows 7 icons there are some difference you can note. The styles of both icons are very nice and clearly suggest a message what they indicate. If you look at the folder icon you can find some of the key difference between in these two icons. Both these icons use folder shape but Windows 7 use normal yellow color while Mac OS employ a speckled blue color which is just look like a recycled paper. This change with Leopard has made some criticism. Folders types are also different in between Mac OS and Windows 7. The new Windows 7 icons introduced with Vista on the other hand Mac OS has some icons that are awfully clear. There are also icons which are processing new styles.

New Windows 7 icons were been introduced with the Vista and a lot of carry over to the Windows 7. Alternatively Mac OS 10 has got a few icons, which are clear like an internal drive while on the Windows and Vista 7 appears more like the external drive. The windows will not get rid of the older icons either. In case, you look in icons, then you can see the things like 3.5 or 5.25 floppy disk. Few differences with trash bin is on a Mac it is expanded when it is full.

The windows 7 has also continued glass like style that it debuted in the Windows Vista, also there are many icons possessing recent style, which steps away from glassy look. And one is Wordpad that in the Windows 7 follows different style. As well in the Mac OS X, TextEdit icon has got text that run in ’Think Different’ TV adverts that Apple did in latter 90s.

Perfect Icon – Create the Icons Instantly!

Trying to get superb icon tool? Are you looking for the best tool through which you can create the icons from images and photos and also able to tweak your system in second? It’s right time to move for the online media and get all information which is very important to select the best icons from these online service providers. Well, it’s the 21st century and now numbers of icon creators available in the market. So, you can get some information about desire icons for decorating the system easily. If you want the icons instantly, then you need to look for the perfect icon tools through which you can create any type and size of icons instantly. Among all icons toolbar, the perfect icon toolbar has managed to draw the leading role in the market. One of the best advantages of the perfect icon is creating the icons semi transparent for Windows XP.

The Perfect Icon is simple tool for making the icons from pictures and photos. Different graphic formats are been supported: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, WMF as well as lots more. The Perfect Icon generates the stylish semi-Transparent Icons for the Windows XP. Different effects and styles will allow you make the unusual pictograms as well. Effects available: opacity, Hue/saturation, rotation, flipping, shadow, sharpness, as well as more. Styles also help you Create Framed and shaped icons.

Perfect Icon is ultimate tool to customize icons on the desktop, in the Windows Start menu, as well as in icons of the folders and files. Making use of Perfect Icon, you may very easily replace the Default Windows icons with your selection and customize them with various desktop attributes. Bored with the standard run of mill desktop? The Perfect Icon gives you simple solution and making use of small handy tool, you may very easily replace the standard Windows icons with ones, which you like and customize the desktop attributes. You may as well change the icons, which will not get changed by using the standard Windows tools.

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