Perfect City Icons – Offer Your Product a Professional Look!

Whether you are a landscaper or developing architecture or construction software, perfect city icons will offer you great benefit in your business. Perfect city icons are designed by professional and experienced software designer to make it possible to assemble 3D looking architectural drawing of city blocks and districts. Now you can give your architecture a professional look with the help of perfect city icons. After ordering for these attractive icons you can get 101 unique icons representing various architectural objects and symbols. Each image comes in different resolutions and formats. These icons are also available in different sizes such as 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 pixels and color depths of 256 colors and 32 bit true color. All icons are available in ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG formats. Now you can download the entire sets of 101 perfect city icons for only $99.95. So, hurry up and get these attractive icons at the best deal.

The Perfect City Icons are well supplied in the multiple sizes, color and resolutions depths. Every icon also comes in 3 states: disabled, normal, as well as highlighted, comes in around 256 colors to 32 bit Color. All the icons are accessible in the Windows Icon, Bitmap, GIF, or PNG formats. You may download free Perfect City Icons now. There are more than 90 icons in pack and you may literally plan whole city by making use of nothing more than the set!

The isometric projection makes that possible for user to make 3 dimensional axonometric projections of the city blocks or whole city, appearing same to the projection that is used by the simulators like SimCity. The Perfect City Icons set scale thanks to a wide range of the available sizes or resolutions. Around 16×16 pixel icons make is likely fitting districts or block on small computer screen and making use of PDA for holding maps, whereas 48 x 48 versions make some wonderful enlargements or look crystal very clear while printed.

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