250+ Stunning iPhone Icons from DeviantArt for Free

DeviantArt has arguably become one of the top sources for free graphics downloads. If you are looking for something contemporary and original DeviantArt is the first place you should look. And they have a lot to offer for iPhone users. Let’s see:

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons
The collection of iPhone icons contains images in sizes of 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16 pixels, and supplies several iPhone-specific sizes such as shadowed version of 59×60 pixel images and 57×57 pixel without the shadow. All icons are supplied in 32-bit True Color, and come in normal, disabled, and highlighted states. A variety of file formats is provided, including ICO, PNG, and BMP formats.

This one is our favorite. The pencil-sketch, monochrome style makes this icon set stands out from all the other festive and glossy ones.

Soft colors, nice gradients and clear analogies make this icon set a perfect example of a high-quality design.

A simple, yet very impressive icon set. Black background brings shine to all the bright colors.

iSweet 2.0
If you are looking for some bright colors this icon pack is for you! It has every color of the rainbow in it. In fact, even some colors that did not make it to the rainbow are present.

CMT iPhone Icons
Clean. Crisp. Stylish. What more can you ask?

An adorable set of old-fashioned icons. We love the telephone receiver and square compass.

The girliest, the prettiest, the pinkest set of icons you can find for your iPhone.

Redux SummerBoard
Another stylish icon set. You cannot call it unique, but all the icons are neat and bright colored.

Want to add some spice to your iPhone? This icon set from a Brazilian artist will easily do the job.

Round Theme Icons
A rounded floppy disk can, certainly, look a little weird, but the overall impression is nice.

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