30 Creative Sets of Free Icons

Your website is in for a complete makeover with these great free icons. Make sure you understand the licensing agreement before you use them, though.

Social 3D Icons for Free
Free 3D Social Icons

Communication technology has definitely boomed over the last couple of years, and now there are lots of cool 3D icons you can use to keep up. For both commercial and personal use, the standard sizes and the 3D Max versions are on the web for free downloading.

Large Android Icons for Free

Free Large Android Icons

Aha-Soft has brought out a whole line of free androids. Just about any space creature or robot is there. All you have to do is go find them.

Large, Free Icons for Business
Free Large Business Icons

No longer do you have to do all the hard work of providing icons for your business. These freebies are well-suited to any project and very professional.

Free Desktop Icons for Business

Free Business Desktop Icons

Anything you could possibly want to advertise I there in a number of formats and sizes.

Grungy Aesthetica Sets of Icons

Grungy Aesthetica Icon Set

Although it’s not the only one out there, this set of Aesthetica icons is a definite winner. These icons will really animate the right websites and blogs. Best of all, they’re all free, although you can buy commercial licenses, too.

Blocky Creatures

Block Creatures

Want some new faces around your website? Check out these four weirdly attractive squares. They come in ICO format in 128-pixel and 48-pixel sizes.

Flavored Icon Sets

Flavours Icon Set

These 177 icons will help designers with a number of concepts. They’re available in 48 pixel size.

Project Icon Sets

Project Icon Set

All kinds of things need icons- bar graphs, calendars, clocks, contacts, mail, etc. These icons come in PBG format and they have vector files for Firefox.

Large, Delicious Icons

Large Delicious Icons

The delicious icon in every variation possible- that’s definitely something you might like to incorporate into your website.

The Woo Themes Blog

The WooThemes Blog

These 79 256×256 pixel blogger icons are available in both GIF and PNG along with vector files.

Realty Icons

Realty Icons

A real estate agency website will look more interesting and garner more popularity with these impossibly realistic icons.

Islamic Icon

Islamic Icon

Lots of Muslim art and architecture for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems are found here. Do not use these icons in a way that could be offensive, directly or indirectly.

GP Icons

GP iCons

Here are all those familiar web icons, except now they look earthy and textured. They are in PNG format at 320×320 pixel resolutions.

Handy Icons


Here you’ll find other popular icons in a hand-drawn format- Gmail, Heart icon, Furl, Google, Flickr, Feedburner, FriendFeed, Facebook, Blinklist, Linked IN, Last FM, Newsvine, Magnolia, Paypal, Sphinn, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo, YouTube and Vimeo.

Bag and Box Tele-charger Icon Pack

Bagg & Box Telecharger Icon Pack

In PNG and ICO formats, these bags and boxes can be very useful for your webpage.

City Icons

City Icons

All things city are available here, from hot dog stands to movie tickets. The city can now exist in cyberspace.

Irish Icon Pack

Irish Icon Pack

If you like Irish things, even if you aren’t Irish, these are the icons for your blog.

Apple Mail Icons

Apple Mail Icons

512×512 pixels in resolution, these stamp icons are attractively old-style.

Construction Icons Vista-Style

Construction Vista icons

With these icons, you make a website that’s still being built look cool. Your visitors will return, even if it’s just to see these icons again.

Vista Aero Pack

Vista Aero Pack

Your website should reflect who you are, and if that’s a diehard fan of Vista aero styles then you should get some of these 135 Vista aero icons for your personal use.

Yoritsuki Icons

Yoritsuki Icons

All 135 of these elegant Japanese-style icons could be yours. “Yoritsuki” refers to a fictional Japanese inn.

Round Icons

Rounder Icons

All of the major services and applications available on the web are illustrated with these round icons.

Wi-Fun Icons

Wifun Icons

If your website is more on the playful side, then you might want to look into these fairy-tale-like icons. Otherwise, you’ll just have to have them for fun.



Everything is no-nonsense and to the point with these icons, which are available in PNG format.

The Leaves Fall

The Leaves Fall

These are all the best-known social networking sites’ logos on leaves with both PNG format and vector sources.

Free Set of Web Applications Icons

Free Web Application Icons Set

These 20 icons are designed for web apps like profile, add, search and delete, and they can be used both for personal ancommercial uses.

V!VA Icons

V!VA Icons

Cold blue and semi-transparent, these nine icons are formatted in PNG and you can utilize them however you like.

Hydro PRO


Let the designer know how you decided to use them and you can use these twenty-three icons, posted in both PNG and ICO formats, wherever you like.

Metal Chrome Icons

Metal Chrome Icons

These metallic icons will illustrate the most common web apps. Their resolution is 256×256 pixels.

Twitter Block Icons

Twitter Block Icons

It’s time for a new Twitter bird, don’t you think? Everybody has the round one. You can step out of the mainstream with these four cubical birds in resolutions of up to 256×256 pixels.

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