Windows 7 Icons: Now Free Online

Everyone is getting Windows 7, and no one can wait to see what kinds of improvements have been made in system operation, performance and overall style. No doubt it will be a hit. The only concern lies in what webmasters and software developers should be doing right now. Quite simply, they should be making new icons, ones that conform to the Windows 7 look, in order to appear up-to-date.

Windows 7 Icons

Icons are the first graphical features of your program or application a potential user will see. The style is basically the same as the one used for Windows Vista, as Microsoft saw how well that one went over. The only difference is that there are some new icons.

Although not well-known, perhaps because of that, undertook to collect every one of the new Windows icons and put them up for the public on the internet. They’re now available and you can match your new icons up against them to ensure consistency and an “in the now” look.
You might be wondering how in the world could have efficiently harvested all of the windows icons. They used a tool that scanned both DLL libraries and executable files in Windows 7, and then extracted any icons. Then, any duplicates were removed from the results. That left 430 icons, all of which are on the web, downloadable for free. Their sizes are 16×16 pixels, 32×32 pixels, 48×48 pixels, 64×64 pixels and 256×256 pixels, and they come in both the ICO and the PNG formats.
The worst thing you can do for your business is to fall behind current graphic design trends. The first step in guarding yourself against such is to redesign your icons to look like those featured in Windows 7. Start by downloading all 430 for free from!

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